About Single Mom in the Ivy League

I’m a single mom to an amazing toddler boy, who I will call P, that I am raising on my own while working my way through my first years on the tenure clock at Yale University. Prior to this job, I had earned tenure at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but gave that up because, hey, who turns down Yale? I am acutely aware that I am part of a very small group of people trying to earn tenure at a place like this while raising a child on their own — okay, to be honest, I’ve never met another soul in this situation (although I would really like to!). My goal is to use my personal experiences to analyze how academia and parenting intersect (or don’t); to document the challenges faced by parents, especially single parents, in the academy; and maybe even to ruminate on some solutions … or at least ideas about how to get through the day-to-day grind of parenting and professing.


One thought on “About Single Mom in the Ivy League

  1. This caught my attention as a single nursing mama of an almost 4 yr old i too am raising completely on my own. Without help or support in a city that isn’t very progressive warm or welcoming, it has been quite a challenge. Without question, our time here is done. He has been my compass, no doubt. I made some drastic life changes, leaving San Francisco the place where life felt whole and happy and limitless. I feel like I have been in the thick of starting over since he turned 1. I’m ready to add a big life changing commitment, I have been the best most present mama for my baby boy and he shows readiness too for this next leap to apply for PhD/Masters included; clinical and behavioral therapy programs. Today I decided I would even attempt applying at some Ivy league schools.. Your brief exposure here has motivated me even more so.
    With Gratitude,

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